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Books about gears, watch and clock making, machinist gear book

I found these almost by accident in my travels through the internet. As I was trying to learn more about clocks and clockmaking I found a few books digitzed by google that are now in the public domain, so I thought I would share. The gear book was the most helpful to me. I hope these can help someone else as well.

The biggest help with drawing gears was this one: American machinist gear book By Charles Hays Logue, Reginald Trautschold (1922)

The next one has a chapter (chapter 10) on gear trains: Elements of mechanism By Peter Schwamb, Allyne Litchfield Merrill (1904)

And the last one I found is self explanitory: Watch and clock making By David Glasgow (1885)

Great Book: Jules & Hermann Grossman, Lessons in Horology, The Keystone, Philadelphia, 1905, pp. 171-189

A good source for general information, including maintaining power, is the book „A Rudimentary Treatise on Clocks, Watches and Bells“, by Edmund Beckett.  An online version can be found at http://www.nawcc-index.net/Articles/17576.pdf

Harrison’s Chordial Pitch Gearing – Part 1: http://www.livingstonstandardtime.com/misc/Part%201.PDF

Harrison’s Chordial Pitch Gearing – Part 2: http://www.livingstonstandardtime.com/misc/Part%202.PDF


Free Open Source Cycloidal Gear Software

There is a new free open source software for creating cycloidal gears for wooden clocks. The application generates SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) output for meshing gears

Gear Builder

Gear Builder - Zykloidenverzahnung

Gear Builder - Zahnrad







Download: http://code.google.com/p/drh-horology/downloads/list