Books about gears, watch and clock making, machinist gear book

I found these almost by accident in my travels through the internet. As I was trying to learn more about clocks and clockmaking I found a few books digitzed by google that are now in the public domain, so I thought I would share. The gear book was the most helpful to me. I hope these can help someone else as well.

The biggest help with drawing gears was this one: American machinist gear book By Charles Hays Logue, Reginald Trautschold (1922)

The next one has a chapter (chapter 10) on gear trains: Elements of mechanism By Peter Schwamb, Allyne Litchfield Merrill (1904)

And the last one I found is self explanitory: Watch and clock making By David Glasgow (1885)

Great Book: Jules & Hermann Grossman, Lessons in Horology, The Keystone, Philadelphia, 1905, pp. 171-189

A good source for general information, including maintaining power, is the book „A Rudimentary Treatise on Clocks, Watches and Bells“, by Edmund Beckett.  An online version can be found at

Harrison’s Chordial Pitch Gearing – Part 1:

Harrison’s Chordial Pitch Gearing – Part 2:


Uhrenbücher – books for clockmakers

Mehr Bücher gibt es bei und unter dem Suchbegriff „Clocks and Watches“.

Bitte sendet mir Eure Links zu weiteren Büchern, Seiten über Uhren und Technik an Kontakt. Vielen Dank.